Family Constellations Today

Family Constellations Today

A lot of people are now tied to their home. That’s why we can offer our systemic work workshop (family and organizational constellations) online now.

For an analytical person, who manages to keep all feelings at arm’s length, I felt a lot and have managed to let go. Enlightening!’

Edwin B. Eindhoven

Online setups; new energy

Now you may think; “That’s not going to work at all online, is it?” That’s what we thought at first. We also thought you needed a physical space to place each other. But after putting our skepticism aside, we gave it a shot. And guess what? Online setups do have a powerful effect. It even brings new possibilities and energy.

It really felt like we were very close together, like everyone was close to me. All my prejudices about online constellations have been thrown overboard.’

Ellen K, Eindhoven

We now offer family constellations workshop online. Now that forming groups physically is still not recommended, this is an ideal solution. That’s why this workshop is perfect for people who are now struggling to travel or are otherwise glued to their homes. This way you can still participate in a family or organisational constellation. Interested? Questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.