Burnout? Stress? It can happen to the ‘best’ of us. However, it is a clear sign that something needs to change. Through counselling, you discover where things are running off the rails. You learn to listen to yourself and instil a lasting behavioural change.

What is counselling?

It goes deeper than coaching and is considered therapy. Counselling enables us to solve mental blockages or stagnation. To do this, we focus on obstructive beliefs and identity. Counselling is suitable for healthy people who are going through a rough period, leading to stress and symptoms of burnout.

Through conversations, exercises, treatments, interventions and (sit down) constellations, the client gets a clearer picture of their problems. This will bring about sustainable behavioural changes. NLP, haptotherapy, respiratory and systemic training all teach the client to feel signals from the body and act on them.