Corona help for employers / employees

We’re here for you, especially in times of crisis

Everything is under stress at the moment: health, social life, care for children and the family. The uncertainty Corona entails will also affect the functioning of employees. Complaints can increase and become just too much for some. It’s good to help employees ahead of that and to counteract it. BMWE is more than happy to help with this.
For example, we have already set up a helpline for some of our customers, we offer online family / organization constellations and we offer EMDR while maintaining a distance of 2 meters in our large course space

We also eagerly await when our haptotherapists can start treatments. Especially for people in social isolation, who suffer from skin hunger (seriously too short of touch)

Strong in corporate social work

Stress, anxiety and a feeling of losing control are the main factors in this corona crisis. With our background and experience in company social work, haptotherapy, coaching and trauma processing, we can assist your employees in this crisis situation. Through telephone consultations and video calling, your employees can regain control of the situation.

What we do

Customization always comes first at BMWE. By listening carefully, we are able to quickly get to the core of the matter and follow a process that suits the situation. The goal is paramount: emerge from this Corona crisis more vigorously. Of course in good consultation, with you as an employer. Are you also looking for a way to help your employees overcome this situation?

Call 06 389 164 67, or mail to We are at your disposal during this uncertain time.