Systemic work

Organisation or team constellation

Everyone lives in a system. Systems also exist within organisations. (Un)consciously, we are all affected by these systems. You can tirelessly discuss your team and the bottlenecks you are dealing with, but have you ever observed your team from a distance? A different perspective can give you a much more unobstructed view on matters. Feelings and relationships become immediately visible and new insights lead to change.

I was surprised how powerful the workshop is. I feel like I know the whole group very well now. I have benefited equally from both the live and the online setup’

Teun K. Eindhoven

Starting point

Each individual has their own place within a team from which they move and influence the bigger picture. The place they occupy as an individual never just happened or just came into existence. That place was chosen, even if it seems that circumstances have forced the individual to do so. But even then, that place is the result of a choice based on personal motives. When each team member is in the right place to reach their full potential, the team’s performance is optimal.


The team constellation visualises the dynamics and relationships within an organisation. The (unconscious) force field that is active within the organisation becomes apparent. This method allows you to get to the heart of a problem quickly.

It provides insight into what is going on in a team, which connections there are, where the bottlenecks are. In short, it can bring about immediate change. A team constellation is a very effective way to get to the heart of a question. It leads to more connection, openness and better cooperation within an organisation.

A team constellation is a powerful tool. It is often confrontational and intensive. This coaching method does justice to both the individual and the collective. It fits into a corporate culture where the individual gets sufficient room to contribute to a successful business, applying their own values and full potential.

More connection, openness and cooperation in the organisation

Family constellations

Have you been triggered by the beautiful work created by a systemic constellation? At the request of our clients, we also organise family constellations. An organisation constellation does not include an employee’s family life, but a family constellation allows you to investigate this part of the system further, letting you dig deeper.