Our company focusses on people in their job, because work is a very important part of our life. It is important to feel comfortable at work. In short: creating and maintaining a good balance between people and business, that is our strength. As a team of experts, we offer customised coaching of individual employees, teams and organisations.

We strengthen, improve and restore. And we don’t just do that. Our effective and sustainable methods have proven their worth, time and time again. We aim for results and concrete actions, because people are and will always be the most important asset within your company. Your human assets deserve the best treatment, an optimised work environment and the right energy to develop, improve and reach for the future. Motivated and committed employees are worth their weight in gold, day after day.

Our strength:

to achieve a good balance between the employees and the company.

BMWE offers multidisciplinary holistic-based processes. As counsellors, we look at both the physical and mental elements of the story. We look at the cognitive and systemic aspect at different levels of development. This means we also apply haptotherapy in our company social work, enabling us to dig deeper, go further and use the results to create structural solutions.