Trauma treatment

Trauma treatment

Trauma is often the underlying issue we encounter in the event of overload, chronic stress and burnout. Scientific evidence has shown that remembering an emotional event from the past makes us truly re-experience inner feelings that we felt during the original event. This is called the ‘freeze, fight or flight’ response. Trauma has turned off our inner compass and deprives us of the images we need to create something better in our mind. For example, we can develop a fear of fear.

Traumatised people cannot recover until they become familiar with the sensations in their bodies and can reconcile with them. Being afraid means living in a body that is always on edge and alert.

“To heal, the mind, body and brain must be convinced that it is safe to let go. This only happens if you feel safe at a deeper emotional level and allow yourself to link that sense of security to the memories of past experiences and feelings.” ~ Prof. Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

We work according to the method of Prof. Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and P. Levine called ‘Somatic Experiencing’. Flight, fight or freeze: these are the options that prey animals have when faced with immediate life-threatening danger. These options also apply to people in a traumatic situation. However, unlike prey animals that shake off the physical tension of a life-threatening moment very quickly, we humans often find this more difficult. At BMWE, we use body-focused exercises to enable a person to re-experience the cause of the trauma, trying to release the survival energy that was blocked during the trauma.

Tension often gets stuck in our body. This is expressed through insomnia, anxiety, concentration disorders or outbursts of anger.

The therapist helps the client to express an often-complicated feeling and ensures that this feeling receives recognition. Listening, understanding, feeling and processing, letting the body finish the process that was disrupted; that is our specialisation.

After therapy, you will feel a sense of freedom, and you will notice less energy depletion. You can truly experience the preciousness of the day.