Who we are

Bert Schilders

Motivations and passion

I retired in 2016, but that didn’t mean I wanted to lay back and relax. It’s always nice not to have your life dictated by a job, but I would hate having nothing to do all day.

That is why I am pleased to play my role in the BMWE organisation and to contribute to its growth. I try to offer my support in a broad administrative area.

I think it is wonderful to stay involved in ‘the real life’ and to experience from the side-lines what is still happening in society.

Background and experience

I worked in HRM at several multinational companies for almost 35 years. During those years, I gained a lot of experience in the field of human resources. I can still provide a lot of information about this area. I may not know as much about current affairs as I used to, but I still possess plenty of knowledge to act as ‘sparring partner’, reflecting about ideas or making myself useful otherwise.

In my work, I always found it essential to be practical, pragmatic and organised. These are also the qualities I can and will contribute to my work at BMWE.