Carolien Bazelmans

Eindhoven region


  • business haptonomy
  • business physiotherapist
  • trainer


Background and experience

Initially, I trained as a physiotherapist. After several years, I got the feeling that just focussing on the physical aspects of a client was not enough for me. I started studying haptotherapy, combining this with my own experiences and interest, and eventually, I found what I was looking for: a holistic view on wellness. I now work on both the physical and the mental aspect of my clients. A person can move on the outside, but if the inside does not move with them, nothing happens. Nothing existential at least.

Motivations and passion

My passion lies in motivating people and getting them to move, both physically and mentally. Sometimes that means learning to stand still. I teach clients to become aware of how their body expresses their feelings and vice versa. Mind and body affect each other, and they must be adequately balanced.

Caring for your body is caring for yourself. You can take care of your mental health in the same way you take care of your physical health. I find it fascinating to talk to people about how well they care of themselves. Ask yourself the question: how well do you take care of yourself? And do you take care of your body as well or as poorly as your mental health? This is all super interesting!

By combining physical therapy and haptotherapy, I view the client as a whole. I try to create a unit that must ensure that the balance between mind and body remains stable.