Esther Goethart


  • registered MfN mediator
  • conflict coach
  • counselor
  • management trainer

My experience

I worked as a manager in IT and financial services for over twenty years. There I gained a lot of experience in change processes in managing the impact of these processes on the people involved.

I have been working as a registered mediator, conflict coach and external confidant for several years now. My specialisation is mainly in the field of labor, team and business conflicts. For instance: conflicts between colleagues, conflicts about functioning or reintegration and conflicts within management teams, with suppliers or in boards.

My passion

From my experience I know how difficult it is for many people to discuss dissatisfaction or irritation. In a work environment this is often the source of conflict. Conflicts that can lead to loss of productivity, illness and absenteeism.

Many companies and organisations are still not really familiar with the different ways in which conflicts can be managed and resolved. I see it as my mission to provide companies with the right tools to prevent and resolve conflicts. I am convinced that you can prevent (financial) problems by actively tackling a conflict. I do this in a way that is suitable for parties and that leads to sustainable and workable solutions.