Who we are

Maartje de la Brassine

As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by what moves people. How they relate to each other, what they think, what considerations they make. And how they act accordingly. This perennial game continues to captivate, amaze and move me. Communication takes place wherever people work together. Everyone speaks and acts from their own values and standards, and sometimes it is difficult to understand each other.
Listening to people is in my nature. And a few years ago, I decided to turn my greatest love into my work.

I work as a confidential advisor for BMWE. My empathy and ability to reduce an emotional story to its core make a role as a confidential advisor a logical step in my career. For me, working objectively and with integrity is essential. Sincerely listening, without prejudice, is very important here. The same goes for the art of asking the right questions.

You can also meet me during the haptotherapy consultations, where I listen in as a haptonomy counsellor-in-training to gain experience.

In addition to my work at BMWE, I have my own practice as a body-oriented therapist.