Manon van Dijk

Eindhoven and Den Bosch region


  • business haptonome
  • coach
  • trainer

Motivations and passion

‘Moving is life and life is moving’. This slogan fits me to a T. I’m not just physically agile, but it is also vital for me to keep moving (i.e. developing) mentally.

As a haptotherapist and coach, it is my passion to contribute to the development of others, bringing them closer to who they truly are, and thus closer to others. This makes the world a little warmer, more accessible and more beautiful.

Background and experience

I started as an HR consultant over twenty years ago. After about ten years, I began to feel like I needed a change. I wanted to play a more critical role for the organisation and the teams, helping them deal with the continuous changes they were faced with. That’s when I started a post-bachelor coaching program. What hit me most during the training was the contribution you, as a coach, can make to the personal development of people.

After my training, I started working as a coach, combining this with my work as an HR professional. I began coaching groups, focussing on individual development. Through experience-oriented exercises, theory and coaching, participants not only gained insight into their thoughts and patterns; they were also challenged to break these habits and start doing things differently. This felt good, so I started working as a coach, providing 1-on-1 support.

During these meetings, I noticed that people usually gain insights through ‘mental’ developments (‘knowing things’). But because these insights don’t reach their feelings, they don’t contribute to a real change. For me, the choice to start training to be a haptotherapist was an easy one. Haptotherapy is a form of coaching and counselling that gets people back into motion. The starting point is to experience, feel and become aware. It makes you physically aware of where you are and what you can develop. Through experience-oriented exercise, movement, conversations and touch, you can feel what is happening with you, the space you have or occupy with regards to others. You discover new sides to yourself, try different positions, feel what is right and what is not, when to open up or shut down. In short: you are starting to move.

I am currently working as a haptotherapist, coach and HR professional, which for me is a beautiful, and even logical, combination that focusses on the development and movement of people, team and organisation.