Marcel de Jong

Rotterdam and Utrecht region


  • haptotherapist
  • physical / manual therapist
  • trainer

Motivations and passion

As a haptotherapist, it is my passion to guide people on their path toward what is important to them, both in their work and in their private life. Personal development is an integral part of this. Haptotherapy helps people to balance their thinking, feeling and acting.

I enjoy working with people, helping them identify their possibilities. I am always looking for the best solution, figuring out how I can help people to perform optimally.

Background and experience

I am a haptotherapist, physiotherapist and manual therapist. As a physiotherapist and manual therapist, I have extensive knowledge of the human body; this knowledge supports me, among other things, in the treatment of psychosomatic symptoms.

I apply a holistic view of health care. I consider my clients from a biopsychosocial perspective; body, mind and social conditions are inextricably linked. As a haptotherapist, I see the body as a ‘narrator’ of that which moves people emotionally.

I have extensive experience in health care. I have worked in various institutions, in different private practices, a hospital, a health centre, a rehabilitation centre and in my own practice. I have gained specific expertise in the treatment of pain symptoms, stress symptoms, burnout, trauma and psychosomatic symptoms.

I also use Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT complements haptotherapy because it focuses on learning to accept a situation as it is, rather than fighting the inevitable. This leads to greater flexibility.