Miranda Salmans

regio Eindhoven en Limburg


  • loopbaancoach
  • psychosociaal therapeut
  • trainer
  • EMDR
  • corporate social work

Motivations and passion

People have everything they need to achieve the right balance. As a (career) coach, I guide people through change processes and help them to get what they need from within themselves. I enjoy watching people develop and achieve results such as an increase in productivity, employability, energy levels, yield, job satisfaction, motivation, etc. Employees who are literally and figuratively “happy in their own skin”, can start to act accordingly and contribute to a healthy business.

Background and experience

After years of working as a project manager, I realised that coaching is my real passion. After completing the post-bachelor program on Stress Management, Coaching, Counselling and Conflict Mediation and the Career Coaching training, I started working as a (career) coach and trainer, and have been doing that for some time now. I counsel people with career questions and stress-related issues (including issues such as perfectionism, pleasing, overthinking, burnout). I try to teach them to do things because they want to, not because they feel they have to. Besides, I provide ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training) to fellow therapists. I am also a mentor for students who are training to become counsellors. I feel very privileged that I get to counsel others in their change processes. This my true passion!

In short: For anyone with questions about their life and/or career who wants to (re)gain control of their life:

“I am happy to guide you through this change process!”