Monique van Loosbroek

Eindhoven region


  • corporate social work
  • confidential adviser: undesirable behavior and integrity

Working in care was never my ambition until I worked in the prison system. There, I discovered that I like to do meaningful things for people, listen to them, show understanding, give advice, etc.

For over 18 years, I worked for the Ministry of Justice, where I gained a lot of experience working with people from different cultures, backgrounds and with a diversity of problems. Experience has taught me that it is crucial to understand what people really need.

During my Social Work training, I realised I was very interested in coaching and counselling at an organisational level. Since 2015, I have worked as a corporate social worker in corporate healthcare. In this position, I am the link between employer and employee, contributing to a healthy work environment.

I provide support and give advice about work-related symptoms, absenteeism and reintegration. I listen, try to clarify problems and questions, and provide guidance in finding solutions and opportunities to improve the situation.

It is essential to find a solution that all parties can agree to. In addition, I am a confidential advisor about undesirable behaviour, integrity and suspicions of abuse for various organisations.

Counselling people, finding the right balance between people and the organisation, that is when I’m at my best. My passion, providing care, is fed by the contact with people. For me, humour is an essential source of energy in my work.

In practice, I see many people get stuck because of their high-sensitivity. As an experienced expert, I can help them identify their sensitivity, and teach them how they can change this from a burden into a strength. I enjoy having the opportunity to activate and strengthen people through solution-oriented working. I help them to use their power in identifying and applying solutions.