Nathalie Walvoort


  • career coach
  • career coach 2nd track
  • reintegration coach / case manager

About me

I am Nathalie Walvoort, born and raised in Breda where I currently live with my partner and 2 sons. I have a positive attitude and I always try to get the best out of someone. In my trajectories I ensure a listening ear and I hold up a mirror to people (with the necessary humor). A nice compliment I received from a coachee:

“Nathalie, you can make a molehill from every mountain!”

My experience

I started my career as a job coach for people with mild mental disabilities. I mediated them into paid work at various companies. After this I worked for more than 20 years as an HR advisor in a commercial trading company, in the healthcare sector and in education.

As an HR advisor I was always concerned with people and their career / employability, both individually and as a team. I really enjoy talking to people about what values they find important in their work and whether they see this reflected in their current job. Looking into possibilities is central to this, so I coach people in broadening their frame of reference.

My passion

I have completed a post graduate “career coach training” and am also involved in reintegration processes. Now I can also help people who, for some reason, can no longer return to their current position and we will look for another position that fits like a glove.

How do you say goodbye to a job that you really liked but can’t do anymore? It’s nice when there is time and attention for this, always in combination with looking ahead and looking at what is there, so you keep moving. Every person has their unique talents and helping someone to make them transparent, that’s what gives me energy!

My motto: “I’ve never done it before, so I think I can do it “

– Pippi Longstocking –