Nicole Strik- van Nijmweegen

Eindhoven region


  • Corporate Social Work
  • Corporate Haptonomy
  • EMDR
  • Communication and Liaison Trainer
  • Team, Organizational and Family Constellation Coach

I am a mother of two and married to Ron. My husband and I are both self-employed; I am a haptotherapist, and my husband is a creative concept thinker with NXP, among others. I have been working as a corporate social worker since 1999. In that year, I also completed the training to become a mediator. At first, I worked at Commit Arbo, and later I started working for Achmea Arbo (both are occupational health organisations). At Achmea, I worked mainly for companies such as Philips, TNO, the Dutch Police and UWV.

Background and experience

During my work as a corporate social worker, I noticed that I was missing something. I felt I was teaching people a little trick: how to deal with certain situations and how to overcome the stress. I found that too superficial. I felt I was not providing solutions that could really help people sustainably solve their problems. So, I thought it was time for a different approach.

In 2008, I started training as a haptotherapist. Everything I learned during my training, I could immediately apply in practice. I was given that opportunity both at Philips and at TNO. I soon noticed that I was no longer looking at people’s problems, but studying their patterns. Haptotherapy teaches you to look at the motivations that move people: is someone driven by fear or by love?

“Time for a different approach”

For example, fear reactions often occur from a survival mechanism that your body reacts to, triggered by emotional memory. In many people, this happens subconsciously. Nowadays, we have drifted far away from our true selves. We listen and react to our thinking and ignore our feelings. By allowing people to get back in touch with their bodies, they become aware of this. In the end, you have a choice to continue the pattern or to start doing things differently. You have to have the courage to do so, but you will notice that being driven ‘from the inside’ is always beneficial.

In recent years, I have also been working on systemic constellations such as organisation and family constellations. This method provides a brilliant insight into the systems around you and the patterns that you (unconsciously) follow.

Motivations and passion

Everything has a reason. That also applies to my journey of discovery into the world of haptotherapy, among others. My motives were directed by my personal experience with fear, pain and grief through loss. These experiences have made me very sensitive; a unique trait that I use to provide high-quality support. Successfully, I might add.