Patricia De Jong

Eindhoven region


  • company social worker
  • confidential adviser
  • trainer
  • solution-oriented coach

What you pay attention to grows.

I prefer to focus on creating a desired situation, solutions, opportunities and options. When clients discover they can create their own future and identify where their strengths lie, they can move mountains.

Motivations and passion

The work at BMWE is versatile. The corporate social worker is, in essence, focused on social change and social development. However, I have noticed that there are many other objectives that I want to achieve as a corporate social worker. I want to guide people to (re)discover their strengths and qualities. I want to help them improve their well-being, create connection and positive interaction within the organisation and other systems. I want to prevent rather than cure issues. My focus is on creating a constructive and positive organisation. I want to focus on what is going well and what could be improved. A good and safe corporate culture ensures a lot of job satisfaction, intrinsic motivation, self-confidence and positive health.

‚ÄúProblem-focused talk creates problems. Solution-focused talk creates solutions” – Steve de Shazer

I try always to find the connections between things, trying to make the world a little more beautiful. My strength lies in working with people: coaching, guiding and motivating people. If you are respectful and unbiased, the connection often occurs spontaneously. I like to get things moving, and I tend to think outside the set frames. Others describe me as a positive, empathic and warm person with a sense of humour and a genuine interest in fellow human beings. These qualities are also useful in my role as a confidential advisor.

Besides my work as a confidential advisor and my work in education, I provide solution-oriented coaching for children, adolescents and adults. Solution-oriented thinking has become second nature. I use my creative perspective to identify opportunities and opportunities.

Solution-oriented coaching is based on the respectful assumption that the clients have inner resources to cooperate with the coach to find effective and efficient solutions to their problems. The answer to the problem does not have to be related to the problem. Every issue has its exceptions. The problem can also be solved by looking for those exceptions.

Background and experience

Fourteen years of educational experience have given me a wealth of relevant skills. I’ve also worked for in the arts and culture industry for ten years, and I was a teacher for several years.