Ron Strik

Eindhoven region


  • NLP coach
  • trainer

For years, I worked as a creative director in the advertising world, where every day is a kind of mental game we all play. I always worked on improving companies on the outside, while my wife Nicole works on improving them on the inside.

I started realising more and more that I prefer to help people get ahead, rather than help them improve the products/services they sell. Nicole‚Äôs work inspired me to take the NLP practitioner and master courses. I have gradually become more and more involved in family constellations, working as a confidential advisor, and executive coaching. My experience in the (international) corporate world, communication, HR, recruitment and team training help me to truly understand what is going on in people’s lives and within companies.

“I want to help people progress”

Motivations and passion

Everything has a reason. I went from a commercial work field to a work field where emotions take centre stage. I find direct contact with people more intense, and I have to say, it is personally much more gratifying. I am fully convinced that the things I do really help people.

Within BMWE, I am responsible for expat coaching. This means that I help our expat clients in English.