Trauma treatment


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, abbreviated to EMDR, is a therapy for people who are permanently affected by the effects of a shocking experience, such as an accident, sexual abuse, or a violent incident. This can lead to anxiety, a sense of despair or sleep disorders. EMDR can help you fix this.

EMDR is a short-term form of therapy. In cases of trauma after a one-off dramatic event, people are often able to resume their daily activities after a few sessions. In people who have experienced long-term trauma and in more complex problems, treatment might take longer.

The therapist urges the client to think back to the traumatic event, including the associated images, thoughts and feelings. The therapist then moves their fingers quickly in front of the client’s face and asks them to follow the movements with their eyes, as rapidly as possible. The client’s natural processing system is stimulated by remembering the memory in combination with making eye movements. All this is too much information for the brain to process at the same time, causing the image to fade and lose its emotional charge. This allows the client to attach a different meaning to the event.

Within BMWE, EMDR is also used as part of a process, for example, in the case of reintegration or a therapeutic process. In those instances, EMDR is used as a supplement or as support. BMWE has several certified therapists who can provide EMDR.