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We focus on people in their working lives.

Corporate social work, psychologist, corporate haptonomy, ACT, NLP, EMDR, IEMT, coaching, confidant, system therapy.

Feel like going to work every day? Fine if you can, but what if you can’t? Or when you can no longer go to work at all? Or when your talents are not (sufficiently) used? Bedrijfsmaatwerk Eindhoven (BWME) ensures that people are better balanced in their work and at home. With over twenty years of experience in guiding people who get stuck in their work, we have developed a clear vision: we believe in tailor-made solutions, in sustainable solutions, for employer and employee, because that benefits everyone.

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Corporate social work,GZ psychologist, corporate haptonomy, ACT, NLP, coaching, confidant, systems therapy.

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Our strength: a good balance between people and business