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Awareness in work stress training teaches you to create more peace and space in a hectic environment. This requires self-insight, self-reflection and self-care.

In the training we will look at factors that cause stress at work and how this stress affects your life.

The goal of awareness is to gain a better understanding of one’s own thoughts, feelings and behaviors when the environment is hectic and busy. This allows you to deal with stress more effectively and constructively, and stress has less of a hold on you. As a result, you live your own life.

A work stress training program includes learning relaxation techniques, identifying stressors and addressing negative thinking patterns. By becoming more aware of these factors, you can better manage stress at work and improve your well-being and performance.

Communication skills: we learn to communicate clearly and effectively with colleagues (connecting communication) and supervisors. This leads to constructive conversations and closer (working) relationships.

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