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Systemic work

Everyone lives in different systems. Families, organizations and even within your sports club. (Un)consciously, we are all molded by those systems. But what does such a system look like? Have you ever watched your team from a distance? Or to your family? From a different perspective, you suddenly see everything clearly. Feelings and relationships become visible and lead to new insights. The start of change.

What is a system setup?

A systemic constellation is a living painting in which colleagues, themes or family members are represented by unknown persons (representatives) who make themselves available for this purpose. You place these people in a space in a certain place that you think suits them. After the representatives are set up, they miraculously access information of interest at that place in the constellation. That information plays an important role. The information symbolizes feelings and relationships to others, creating a 3D image that provides information about the client’s system.

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