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A safe place for your employees

A safe workplace and the psychological well-being of your employees: a nice idea. And you as an employer are even responsible for that under the law. A confidant can take a good role in this. For example, as part of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy or Psycho Social Workload Policy (PSA Policy) within your organization. An important factor is that you provide a safe place to discuss problems. Bedrijfsmaatwerk Eindhoven takes this worry off your hands.

Confidential advisor on undesirable behavior

Your employees and the company deserve a good policy against Psycho Social Workload (PSA). The use of a confidential advisor can play an important role in undesirable behavior such as sexual harassment, bullying, aggression and discrimination. A nice idea that your employees have someone they feel comfortable with quickly, can tell their story without immediate consequences and get the right advice.

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