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Organizational or team constellations

Team and organizational constellations are methods used to gain insight into the dynamics and underlying patterns within a team or organization. This method is based on the concept of systemic thinking, which focuses on understanding the relationships and interactions between the various elements of a system.

Team and organizational constellations often involve the use of a group constellation, using representatives to represent the members of the team or organization. These can be real people, or objects such as chairs or papers. The constellation takes place in a physical space, where the representatives are placed in relation to each other based on the relationships they have with each other.

The facilitator of the constellations guides the process and asks questions of the representatives to gain more insight into the dynamics and patterns within the system. Constellation can reveal hidden dynamics and underlying causes of problems or conflicts.

Tijdens het opstellingsproces kunnen verschillende elementen naar voren komen, zoals verstrikkingen, loyaliteiten, balans van geven en nemen, en verborgen emoties of behoeften. The representatives can physically experience these elements and the facilitator can ask them questions to get more information. Based on the insights gained, the facilitator can suggest interventions to change or improve the dynamics.

The ultimate goal of team and organizational constellations is to increase awareness and understanding of the dynamics and patterns within a team or organization. This can lead to new insights and finding solutions to existing problems. It can also help identify strengths and resources that can be leveraged to improve team or organizational performance and effectiveness.

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