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Authentic, open and respectful leadership

People become more vital from relationships and work where you can be yourself, feel connected to others and feel like you matter. Vital people are healthier, more motivated, creative, innovative and responsible.

This also applies to you as a manager.

Together you achieve more. Your success is determined by your connection with others. Collaboration makes sense, but does it happen naturally in your work? Can you sincerely say, “I cannot do without you, you cannot do without me, for the result I depend on you and you depend on me?”


In this training we focus on three key concepts that make or break your role as a manager in relation to your employees and achieving results:

  • You are authentic, visible as a person and role as a manager;
  • You are able to communicate openly about this;
  • You have insight into boundaries of yourself and others and can tune in to achieve the result.


The training is experiential. You experience who you are, how open you are in this and how you relate to others. What is your strength and what is its positive opposite? By connecting those extremes you are in balance.

We use case histories from your own practice in this, so that you get handouts to practice the knowledge and experiences in your own practice.

What we ask is fearless honesty to each other to learn with and from each other.

After all, together you become more yourself.


When these core concepts are connected and coincide with you as a person, you are recognizable, reliable and empathetic. A rock in the surf. Iemand waarSomeone you can depend on.op je kan varen. Hard on substance and soft on the person. A manager who empowers others to achieve the result together.

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