What does Bedrijfsmaatwerk Eindhoven do?

Conflict mediation, reintegration, support with your PSA policy (confidential advisor), psychosocial assistance: Bedrijfsmaatwerk Eindhoven helps you with these situations. We believe that through really good personal help for your employees, you can get much more power out of your employees. We like to help you with that.

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Corporate social work


Improvement Process

In companies, employee improvement programs are often used to improve performance, skills and competencies. These pathways are designed to support…
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Becoming the better version of yourself. Coaching is the positive psychology that can help you do that. Gain insight into…
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Burn-out? Stress? It can happen to the “best. But it does send a clear message. Something has to change. Through…
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Impending layoff or no contract extension? Outplacement is a process that guides employees to a new job. Transition compensation is…
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Corporate Chaptonomy

Systemic work

Everyone lives in different systems. Families, organizations and even within your sports club. (Un)consciously, we are all molded by those…
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Psychological counseling


IEMT stands for Integral Eye Movement Therapy. In Dutch: Integral Eye Movement Therapy. This form of therapy focuses on relieving…
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Trauma care

Rapid and expert trauma care and/or victim assistance For example, after a robbery, (industrial) accident, death or confrontation with violence,…
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Giving a different meaning to a traumatic event Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, abbreviated to EMDR, is a therapy for…
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Corporate social work,GZ psychologist, corporate haptonomy, ACT, NLP, coaching, confidant, systems therapy.

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