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Safe Workplace

When we talk about a safe workplace, safety shoes, eyewear and other items that help protect us physically are often immediately thought of. However, that is not enough to create a safe workplace, because a safe workplace consists of more than that. Feeling safe also has to do with the atmosphere in the workplace, is it safe enough? And how do you know if an atmosphere is safe and how do you make sure it stays safe e/o becomes safe.

A safe workplace is one in which employees feel free to express their emotions without fear of reprisal or judgment from others. A safe workplace creates an environment where employees can focus on their work and contribute to a productive work environment.

Especially with recent developments in society, this topic is becoming increasingly important and it is necessary for a company to grow in this area. To create a safe atmosphere, you as a manager need to lead by example. How do you do that and what does it take?

In this training we want to go through these questions with you and answer them by offering explanations, insights and exercises.

The training consists of 2 half-day sessions.

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