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Corporate Haptonomy

Feel what you think and know what you feel. A valuable connection that does not come naturally in busy daily life. With corporate haptonomy, we look for that connection. Back to the core. Because only from your own core, that confluence of thinking, feeling and acting, can you find a way that is close to yourself. A path that you dare to take with abandonment, peace and self-assurance.

What is corporate haptonomy?

Man as one whole of thinking, feeling and acting. That is the essence of haptotherapy. Body and mind are together and influence each other. In today’s society we focus mainly on the rational of man, what you feel is given little space.

Sometimes you have certain traits that are considered negative by yourself or those around you. You then hide or disguise these traits with other behaviors. In other words, the balance between feeling, thinking and acting becomes disturbed. You feel that you have become stuck, that you are on your own or that you are becoming increasingly alienated from yourself and your true desires.

The haptotherapist focuses on (the development of) the client’s ability to feel. He/she does this through conversation, experiential exercises and physical touch. After all, touch is the most direct form of communication. In this way, the haptotherapist lets you discover what your pattern is and what you experience firsthand at the moment this pattern gets stuck. The emphasis is on the feelings of that moment, so you experience those feelings in the safe environment of the practice space. Ultimately, you can apply these new experiences in your own living environment in relationship with those around you.

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