Career coaching

Are you in the right place within your organisation, or are you ready for another step, but don’t know exactly which step to take? A career coach will help you get to know yourself better, find out what drives you and which actions you can choose for your personal development. Your future, that’s what it’s all about.

Career coaching:

we provide personal attention and guidance to help clients address complicated career questions and choices.

Some examples include:

  • Guidance for a new job (at the current employer or externally).
  • Processing a dismissal.
  • Making difficult career choices.
  • Developing talents and competencies (talent management).

Career coaching is not just for job seekers. It can also be used to prepare employees for the next step in their career. It is also a useful tool for organisations to encourage internal mobility and to optimise the workforce.

Career coaching…

Steer your career

Steering your career in the right direction

Career coaching primarily focuses on steering your career in the right direction. What exactly do you want, what are your strengths, and what motivates you? Career coaching helps you find answers to these difficult questions.