Corporate social work

Corporate social work

Looking forward to going to work every morning? Nice if that’s an option, but what if you can’t do that anymore? Or if you can’t go to work at all? Or if your talents are not (sufficiently) used? For both employer and employee, engaging a corporate social worker is the right move so that you get a grip on the situation and can work together to achieve a sustainable solution. That’s in everyone’s best interest.

What does Bedrijfsmaatwerk Eindhoven do?

Conflict resolution, reintegration, support for your PSA policy (confidential advisor), psychosocial assistance: BMWE helps you in these situations. We believe that by providing good personal help for your employees, you can empower them much more. We will be happy to help you with that.

How can Bedrijfsmaatwerk Eindhoven help?

  • Work stress due to overburdening, conflict or undesirable behaviour,
  • uncertainty about the future due to reorganisations,
  • performance problems due to absenteeism, transfer or re-integration,
  • motivational problems due to career development uncertainty,
  • traumatic experience due to aggression, accident or death,
  • an impaired work-private balance due to, for example, informal care duties,
  • personal problems such as debt, addiction and relationship problems

In some cases, there’s no quick fix.

But in those cases, there’s Bedrijfsmaatwerk Eindhoven to help you.