Corporate social work

Confidential advisor

Providing a safe place for your employees

A safe place to work and guarantee the mental well-being of your employees. That is not just a beautiful concept; as an employer, you are responsible for providing this safe environment. A confidential advisor can play an important role, for example, as part of the Arbo (Work Conditions) Policy or Psychosocial Workload Policy (PSA Policy) within your organisation. An essential factor is that you provide a safe place to discuss problems. BMWE takes care of this care for you.

Confidential advisor – undesirable behaviour

Your employees and the company deserve a good policy to prevent psychosocial workload (PSA). The use of a confidential advisor can play an essential role in eliminating undesirable behaviours such as sexual harassment, bullying, aggression and discrimination. Your employees need to have someone who makes them feel at ease, will listen to their stories without any immediate consequences, and will provide the right advice.

Confidential advisor – reorganisation

Reorganisation has many consequences. It can disrupt the performance of employees, causing emotions such as anger, grief, anxiety, confusion and other negative thoughts. The emotional well-being of employees is crucial for their performance. Going through the transition process will always have an impact on your employee’s future reorientation. The support of a confidential advisor specialising in reorganisation will help to make the right decisions and conduct constructive discussions about the future with the manager and HRM. This advisor is indispensable for a successful restructuring.

As an employer,

you are responsible for a safe workplace.

Confidential advisor – integrity/code of conduct

Acting with integrity is all about making an employee aware of their attitude and behaviour. Integrity dilemmas, for example, about discrimination or harassment, can be investigated using a confidential advisor on integrity. It is difficult to talk about this topic. The confidential advisor can help you prepare for this discussion, ensuring a constructive outcome. This helps discuss the behaviour of an employee, or specific issues within the organisation, creating room for solutions.

Conflict mediation

Conflict requires a lot of time and energy from employees and employers. It is imperative to discuss matters as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, or there is room for improvement. In many cases, miscommunication or lack of mutual understanding plays a role. In those cases, conflict mediation by an expert opens up opportunities for possible solutions, making sure the work can be resumed.

Good to know:

A conversation with a confidential advisor is:

  • Confidential (confidentiality rules apply).
  • The confidential advisor is partisan and cannot mediate.
  • Professionally independent.